Philanthropy is Changing

The emerging philanthropist wants to actively change the world, not just check a box and get a tax receipt. Causes matter more than organizations. Results matter more than awards. 



To inspire the next generation of givers. Because when we give back, we are better citizens, sisters, mothers, colleagues, and friends. We inspire our circles to be more loving and grateful. Givers have the power to change the world.



We vet out hundreds of local nonprofits to connect our network with diverse causes and trusted organizations each year. Our signature year-end fundraising event, Charity Ball, is considered a training ground for emerging philanthropists. 



Levé, which comes from the french word "to lift," started as a college party for a good cause in 2004. Since then we have evolved into a nonprofit that leads the conversation around millennial philanthropy in the Pacific Northwest. 



We have infused nearly half a million dollars into our local community and donated countless volunteer hours to our nonprofit partners. We are 100% volunteer run by young professional women in the Portland area.


TRIPLING DOWN FOR our 15th anniversary!

We are a nonprofit curator of sorts. We exist to connect you with the great work already happening in our community. Since 2004, we have received and vetted hundreds of amazing applications, ultimately selecting a new organization to lift up each year. The annual partnership extends the fundraising, volunteer, and advocacy reach of each nonprofit. In honor of our 15th anniversary, we’re shaking things up a bit and, as always, raising the bar for ourselves and what our community can achieve. To mark this special occasion, we have selected three amazing organizations to partner with in 2018: Adelante Mujeres, Mercy Corps NW, and Oregon Active.

Join the #DoMoreGood Movement

We're on a mission to inspire charitable habits in our generation. It's not about donating thousands of dollars or even volunteering hundreds of hours. It's about thinking of others first. It's about spreading love and choosing gratitude. It's about doing more good--whether it's holding the door for your neighbor with too many grocery bags or standing up for a stranger being bullied or picking up a piece of trash on the street.