2019 Nonprofit Partner Application

how to apply

The goal of our partnership is to extend the fundraising, volunteer, and advocacy reach of our selected nonprofit. We do not take the responsibility of this choice lightly and we respect every nonprofit in our community for doing the hard work. We intentionally keep our selection criteria fairly open, particularly because we know how hard it is to obtain unrestricted funds. Review our full selection criteria before you apply.

To apply, please write your responses to the questions below in the program of your choice (Word, Google Drive, etc) and save the document as a PDF to attach to the application form below. Please include your organization name, address, primary point of contact info (name, phone, email), and website on the PDF.

The deadline to apply is Friday, February 1st at 11:59pm.

Note: last year we opened up our application to past partners as part of a special celebration for our 15th anniversary. This year, we’ll be back to our regular criteria, which means past partners need not apply.

application QUESTIONS

  1. We’d love to know how you learned about Levé. Have you attended any of our events? If so, which one(s)? Have you applied before? If so, in what year(s)?  

  2. Hit us with your elevator pitch! What makes your nonprofit unique? What services do you offer? Who do you serve?

  3. How do your 2019 goals align with the Levé mission and our approach to philanthropy?

  4. Our most successful partnerships are those that feel like just that, a partnership! How do you envision connecting us with your supporters (social media, email promotion, etc.)? Are you able to provide volunteer support at our event(s)? How might you support our mutual donor relations?

  5. Over the years we’ve learned that although direct service is important to us, it’s not always easy given that Levé is a volunteer job in itself. What non-traditional volunteer opportunities might you have? Whether it’s direct service on evenings and weekends or other things that we can do on our own (stuffing envelopes, research support, etc.). We want to make a hands-on connection with your mission.

  6. What is your annual operating budget? How would an unrestricted gift from Levé make an impact for you in 2020?