Why I Give, by Kate Baldwin

Levé’s 2015-2016 President, Kate Baldwin, kicks off our “Why I Give” blog series as she stresses the importance of philanthropy and giving back to our community. 

Time. Treasure. Talent. These are the three words that you often hear in the non-profit sector. Some may even argue these words are overused, but to me they mean so much more.  Since joining Levé shortly after graduating from college in 2012, I quickly learned the power of giving back, what it meant to be a philanthropist (no, you don’t need to have millions of dollars), and the true impact of a group of dedicated and energized individuals.

Levé has taught me many things over the years. If you ask me how I came to pave my career path, I would have to owe my professional achievements to this organization. In addition to the strong connections I have built, a keen understanding of Portland’s non-profit community and even a few serious Charity Ball planning skills, Levé has given me something so much more… the power of philanthropy.  

I give to solve a problem. I give to engage with talented people and meaningful organizations. I give to provide an opportunity to find solutions. My giving does not end in multiple zeros; it will not single-handedly diminish the challenges we see today – but my giving matters. And so does yours.  Have you asked yourself, are you involved in a way that is meaningful to you?

As my Presidency of Levé has come to an end, I am thrilled for this next chapter and the opportunity to play my part alongside Portland’s young-professionals who are working to change the face of philanthropy. It starts with one person wanting to connect, to challenge, to make a difference.  Nearly six years have passed since I first learned what it truly meant to dedicate your time, invest your treasure and utilize your talents to strengthen our communities compelling non-profit organizations. Today I give to inspire others to do the same – and I hope you will join me.