The Story Behind Our New Branding

Last year, 2016, marked our first year as a board without a founding member. It was intimidating and a bit overwhelming at first. How could we live up to what the women before us built? The founding members of Levé built this organization from the ground up—from a college party for a good cause to a grown-up 501(c)3 nonprofit. We’re so grateful they had the forethought to create this space for Portland women who want to give back (and have some fun). So, we had to ask ourselves: how do we move forward without losing the essence of what Levé is?

A brand refresh would help mark this transition visually, but more importantly it would force ourselves to answer some hard questions. Who are we? Where do we want to go? What do we envision as our legacy? Serious stuff! That’s why we’re here more than a year later, finally unveiling it (also because we are still 100% volunteer-run). We’re excited to share this new look with you and also would like to share our mission, vision and core values that helped drive this brand refresh.

Our Mission:

To inspire the next generation of givers. Because when we give back we are better citizens, colleagues, parents, and friends.

WHO WE ARE: Genuine, Inclusive, Strong, Feminine, Scrappy, Savvy, Hardworking, Youthful, Sensible, Smart, Vibrant, Tenacious, Fun, & Loyal

Levé is one part unconventional nonprofit, one part inclusive sisterhood. We lift the Portland area by connecting local nonprofits to a new generation of advocates, who trust us to curate relevant causes to support year after year. We lift up our members by motivating one another, challenging ourselves, and embracing each other exactly as we are. Levé is more than a nonprofit, it’s a movement to inspire charitable habits.

  1. We’re a bit unconventional. We believe standing for something is contagious and that giving back is fun. That’s why we take a different approach to philanthropy. By selecting and lifting up a new nonprofit each year, we create long-term relationships between our supporters and partners based on shared values and passions. We are also able to share a cause that is relevant and accessible, tailored to each year.

  2. We’re sparking a movement. There is a gap in giving between millennials and our parents. Our accessible and fun approach aims to change that by inspiring charitable habits in our generation. Through our diverse and growing  nonprofit network, we continually enlighten ourselves and supporters about Portland’s most vulnerable and strive to give them a voice through volunteering, activism, and fundraising.

  3. We’re redefining sisterhood. We are reclaiming “sisterhood” as a word of power and inclusivity. What was started by a group of girlfriends as a college party for a good cause in 2004 has since evolved into a respected nonprofit leading the conversation around millennial philanthropy in Portland. Levé continues to challenge members to new heights, while creating a rare and fulfilling bond.

OUR PROMISE: We take our responsibility as (unofficial) community advisers so seriously at Levé and our promise to you is this: we’ll continue to do the homework and connect you with the most inspiring, transparent, and dynamic nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest.

We hope you will continue to put your trust in us.


We've got a Fancy new URL, too... (no more dash)!

Our branding, design, and website work were done pro-bono by one of our board members, Lisa Hattery, from RemarkablIf you're in need of branding, web, design, or other marketing consultancy, give her shout at lisa(dot)hattery(at)