The Changing Face of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is getting younger.

More and more young people are joining seasoned philanthropists by getting involved in social change and becoming first-time donors.

“There is a lot of transition going on from generation to generation in philanthropy,'' said Jo Anne Chester Bander of the Donors Forum, a Miami-based association of grant makers. “[The younger generation seems] more driven by finding specific grass-roots charities than the major umbrella institutions.''

Trusted intermediaries, like Levé, are changing with these trends by organizing talent and resources in a specific way to impact change. By supporting one local nonprofit each year, we’re able to customize our efforts based on what that organization needs. No two Levé partners’ needs are alike - so why treat all of them the same way?

For those who are new to philanthropy and not sure where to start, it’s important to choose a cause you connect with. Levé understands the importance of vetting local nonprofits before beginning a partnership; thus, our Board of Directors go through an extensive selection process each year to ensure that we’re choosing the right partner.  Because the new world of philanthropy goes beyond just monetary support, we understand that giving comes in many forms, from direct service volunteering to increasing awareness through social media. There is no wrong way to give back!

We invite you to be a part of the changing face of philanthropy. It’s never too early to get involved with your community or a cause you believe in - and never too late to make a difference!

If you’d like to learn more about Levé or join our supporters, please drop us a line at We accept online donations and are always looking for volunteers!