#DoMoreGood: How to Host Your Own Summer BBQ (for charity!)

Last year we asked our members why they give, and received some great responses. It came down to spreading love, inspiring others, and bringing attention to our incredible partners. With all these reminders of why this work is vital, we want to turn our focus to a new question this year.

How can we #DoMoreGood?

At Levé, we are all about making philanthropy feel accessible. By sharing the ways that our members incorporate charity (and fun!) into their everyday lives, we hope that this recurring column will give you some inspiration to do the same.

And now that summer is in full swing, what better way to start than by throwing a righteous BBQ?! Here are our tips!

Step 1: Send the invite

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned barbecue? Reach out to your network - friends, neighbors, colleagues, past Tinder dates. Everyone is welcome when it's for charity! Just remember to include the key information: date, time, address, and the chosen cause. We also include a suggested donation (somewhere around $10!) to remind our friends that philanthropy doesn't always have to mean huge expenditures.


Step 2: Get the goods

If you ask us, sticking to the classics is the way to go. Grab some hamburgers, hot dogs, and portobello burgers to make sure that everyone is happy. Don't stress on providing everything for everyone - encourage friends to bring sips, chips, and fun condiments to contribute.

Step 3: Designate a Grill Master

This step is KEY! Some of us definitely can't be trusted to keep our burgers from becoming charcoal pucks, so it helps to ask an attendee to keep an eye on the grill. If all else fails, we hear Craigslist ads can help!

Step 3: Party!

Set up a donation jar next to the drinks so that folks remember to contribute. Then, pour yourself a glass of rosé and enjoy the day! Don't forget to share how you #DoMoreGood by tagging @LeveNW in your posts!

Step 4: Donate

Although Levé is our preferred nonprofit for donations, you also have the option to give your friends a few choices so that they can help decide. If you want some ideas, check out the 3 partners Levé is working with this year.

Et voilà! You've got yourself a fun and meaningful afternoon. Happy BBQing, friends - remember to keep an eye out for future posts about getting involved.

PS. If you're looking for other ways to #DoMoreGood, take a look at our Do Good, Feel Good calendar for upcoming events!