99 Ways to Do More Good

Do More Good Day is about more than big checks and corporate sponsorships, it's about thinking of others first. We believe that when we give back, we are better citizens, colleagues, parents and friends—and we inspire others to be too. Today (September 5, 2018) is our first annual Do More Good Day, and in preparation we’ve come up with a list of 99 things we can all do to celebrate.

But first, GIVEAWAY ALERT! We want to see how everyone is celebrating Do More Good day, so we’re giving a way a Do More Good t-shirt PLUS a pair of Charity Ball tickets to one lucky winner. Here’s how to enter:

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  • Add the #DOMOREGOOD hashtag (and that’s it–you’ll be entered to win)

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what Levé is doing to celebrate! Without further ado, here are our favorite 99 ways to do more good:

  1. Donate your birthday or start a fundraiser on Facebook. Watch this 10-second video to see how.

  2. Smile at a stranger. It’s contagious.

  3. If you hear someone say a hateful word (sometimes people don’t realize what they’re saying is offensive), kindly educate them and let them know it’s not OK.

  4. Don’t forget your reusable grocery bag.

  5. Purge your closet and sort through to donate with a bit more intention (i.e. think beyond Goodwill). For example, take dressier clothes to Dress for Success or donate warm coats to a school’s Clothes Closet.

  6. Call (don’t text) someone that’s been on your mind.

  7. Build a DIY rainwater harvesting system.

  8. Go through your kids’ bookshelf with your child and pick out 2 or 3 books to donate to the Children’s Book Bank, and explain why you’re donating.

  9. Leave a nice note on someone’s car.

  10. Pick up a piece of trash on the street.

  11. Clean out your kitchen or garage and give your household items a new home by donating them to Community Warehouse.

  12. Write a thank you note to a friend, just for being a friend.

  13. Stand up for someone getting bullied.

  14. Dedicate the energy from your workout to someone who needs some extra strength. Seriously, energy is the driving force of the universe and if you direct it somewhere, it’s powerful.

  15. Hear a rumor? Don’t spread it.

  16. Buy a ticket for a fundraising event. Mercy Corps Northwest, our nonprofit partner, has a trivia event coming up on October 8, 2018. Check it out!

  17. Plant a bee-friendly garden.

  18. Take shorter showers to conserve water.

  19. Offer your seat to someone on the bus, MAX or Streetcar.

  20. Send a care package to a friend that lives far away.

  21. Tell someone (co-worker, friend, partner, family member) why you appreciate them.

  22. Donate old towels, blankets, and pet beds to a local shelter or vet office.

  23. Take a deep breath.

  24. Call your senator to let them know an issue you support–a timely one is immigration and family separation. Calling is easier and more impactful than you may think.

  25. Venmo a friend $5 for a treat on you.

  26. Leave a positive Yelp review.

  27. If you mess up, take responsibility, say sorry, and learn from it. We’re all imperfect and we all have blind spots; it’s nothing to be ashamed of, as long as we keep growing.

  28. Hold the door open for someone.

  29. Be a good listener–nod, ask questions, repeat what they say.

  30. Avoid plastic straws; carry a reusable one if you prefer drinking through a straw.

  31. Participate in a beach or highway clean-up.

  32. Ride your bike or walk to work instead of drive.

  33. Recycle! Make sure you know what you can and can’t recycle in Portland.

  34. Host a clothing or beauty swap with a group of friends.

  35. Offer to babysit for a friend or family member who needs a self-care break or date night.

  36. Constantly educate yourself on what is culturally appropriate (words, dress, etc.) and admit when you’re wrong and change it.

  37. Introduce yourself to your neighbor.

  38. Move your body–go for walk, do some jumping jacks–anything to get your blood pumping. Because you have to show up for yourself before you can show up for others.

  39. Tell your friends and family about a cause that’s important to you.

  40. Make a donation in someone else’s name.

  41. Sign up to automatically give a monthly donation to your favorite cause. Each month you’ll do more good without even thinking about it!

  42. Grab your friends and make a meal for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

  43. Become a homework helper, “get artsy” with refugee children, or offer cultural navigation and support for families who are new to the United States with Catholic Charities.

  44. Buy coffee for the person standing behind you in line- we can all use a pick-me-up sometimes.

  45. Give someone a hug or a high-five.

  46. Read news from multiple sources.

  47. Fire up an online meditation. We love local move + mediate master, Kait Hurley, for her intentional 5-55 minute classes that make meditation less intimidating.

  48. Take a bath–it’s easier to do good when you’re feeling good!

  49. Share a cause you care about on social media.

  50. Join a trail party with Trailkeepers of Oregon to help keep our trails beautiful and green.

  51. Try something new. Getting out of our comfort zone opens up whole new ways of doing good and having fun. Try out archery, learn a language, take a cooking class, get off the beaten path!

  52. Find someone who looks a bit uncomfortable at a party or gathering and strike up a conversation.

  53. Get outside! Pack a picnic, go on an urban hike, or just go sit by a tree.

  54. Pay a stranger a compliment.

  55. Listen, without judgment, to someone’s point of view you don’t agree with. This is not about changing your mind, it’s about critical thought and accountability.

  56. Put your phone away during your next meal.

  57. Donate blood to American Red Cross.

  58. Make sure you’re registered to vote and be sure all your friends are too.

  59. Invest in companies that share your values.

  60. Offer your services for free to an organization or person in need. You don’t have to be a lawyer or doctor for people to benefit from your pro-bono work.

  61. Go a day without complaining.

  62. Take a walk around your neighborhood and get to know your community better.

  63. Let someone else go first in line.

  64. Sign up for paperless billing and cut down on all of that mail.

  65. Carry seeds with you and start a guerilla garden.

  66. Check to see if your company has a matching program and sign up to have them match your charitable contributions.  

  67. Share your knowledge. Consider teaching a free class at a community center (web design, knitting, social media 101...anything!)

  68. Organize a drive at your work (canned goods, toiletries, coats, school supplies, etc.)

  69. Consider joining the bone marrow registry and you could save a life.

  70. Adopt a pet.

  71. Do that household chore your partner or roommate hates.

  72. Talk to your HR department about company Volunteer opportunities and Volunteer Time Off (VTO).

  73. Start each day by writing down 3 things your grateful for.

  74. Next time you see someone with a map trying to find their way in your city, offer to help with directions.

  75. Recognize your privilege (be it race, class, gender, sexuality, or anything else). Let yourself be uncomfortable with it. Then use it.

  76. Shop locally when you can.

  77. Offer to return a cart at the grocery store for a busy parent.

  78. Start a meal train for a new parent, injured friend, or anyone in need of a helping hand.

  79. Made some treats? Bring some in to work to surprise your coworkers.

  80. Take a break from social media (even just a day!) and try to engage more intentionally with the people you see everyday.

  81. Check to see if your favorite take out or lunch places have Go Boxes to save some plastic.

  82. Join a ‘Buy Nothing’ group on Facebook and donate gently used items to your neighbors instead of throwing them away.

  83. Avoid using handicap accessible stalls–they’re there for people who really need them. And if you’re able-bodied, don’t complain that the handicap parking spots are closer.

  84. Support a creator/artist you follow on Patreon.

  85. Sign up for a charity race that benefits a local organization whose mission is close to your heart and encourage friends to join you!

  86. Connect with people that don’t look like you on social media, or better yet, in real life.

  87. Ask someone how they are doing and really listen.

  88. Collect your spare change, and donate it to a monthly cause each year.

  89. Leave a good book behind for someone to find on a plane, cafe, or anywhere.

  90. Become someone’s mentor.

  91. Help someone move...even when you don’t want to.  

  92. Help stock backpacks with school materials for kids with Backpacks4Kids.

  93. Forgive.

  94. Visit a retirement home and listen to someone’s story.

  95. Offer to take someone’s photo. See someone struggling to take a selfie? Offer to take it so they can have a token of a good memory.

  96. Mow your neighbor’s lawn.

  97. Don’t get defensive if someone calls you out. Listen and ask questions.

  98. Carpool with a coworker—save gas and get to know them outside of work.

  99. Ditch the ‘us vs. them’ mentality. Remember, we’re all people deserving of love.

Whew. There you have it, 99 ways to do more good, and surely, there are countless more. We hope this inspires you to #DOMOREGOOD.