Bingo, Baby! Celebrating our 2nd Annual Levé Summer Social

We’re always thinking of new ways to #DOMOREGOOD, especially when it comes to our amazing nonprofit partners. One way we’re pushing ourselves to amp up our support is by hosting more chances throughout the year to raise awareness and donations for our nonprofit partner.  

We are so excited to share details from our 2nd Annual Levé Summer Social at Lagunitas Community Room which took place on Wednesday, June 5. Not only did over 100 people attend to play some awesome bingo, but they helped raise over $6,500 for CAP! We can’t thank everyone enough for helping make this event such a resounding success.


Folks may have come to try their luck at our four rounds of bingo, but they stayed for the good vibes, live music by Wil Kinky, refreshing Lagunitas beer, local wine, and free pizza from amazing donors like Sizzle Pie, Virtuous Pie, Atlas Pizza, Mississippi Pizza, and Dove Vivi.

While not everyone won at bingo, everyone was a winner at our Booze Wall where $15 gave them a shot (no pun intended!) at a mystery bottle of beer, wine, or liquor. Eager bingo-ers could also purchase additional bingo cards and blackout cards so they could dob away at a chance for great prizes like restaurant gift cards and a ping pong suite at Pips & Bounce. Congratulations to our winners!

As fun as the evening was, we can’t forget that we party for a purpose at Levé. We’re so proud of our generous donors who raised their bidder card for CAP, a nonprofit offering full-spectrum services to test for HIV and assist those living with it. Their mission is to support and empower all people with or affected by HIV, to reduce stigma, and to provide the LGBTQ+ community with compassionate healthcare.

Missed the event, but still want to support CAP? We’ve broken down just what your donation can do at each level:

  • A gift of $10 will buy an HIV test kit that can bring clarity to an uncertain person. Learn more about the range of HIV and other STI testing services that CAP offers in the greater Portland area.

  • Donating $50 will not only fund an HIV test, but also a counseling session to empower someone with the tools and knowledge needed to lessen their risk of becoming positive.

  • $100 funds a Rent Well meeting to help a dozen homeless people living with HIV to find and keep housing, even without a strong rental history.

A donation of $1,000 sends an HIV-affected child to camp for a week to relax with others who understand her fears. Too much for you alone? Why not add a suggested donation of $25 to your next summer BBQ? If 40 of your friends and family contribute $25, you can send that kid to camp!