Athey Creek Middle School

Posted on April 5th, 2010 I remember middle school as….well as most of us do…pretty darn confusing.  One minute you were wondering if poor little Johnny Tremain would ever recover from the cracked silver crucible accident, next you’re shoving that sweet floppy disc into one of the first…ever…Apple computers to get as many games of Oregon Trail in before the bell rang, then it was off to shop class where you tentatively step up to the bandsaw to begin construction on the famed rainbow ice scraper…more conscious than ever of Mr. Anderson’s motivational tales on lost fingers due to careless behavior and a lack of respect for “the machines.”  We might not have realized it then, but many of us found the trails and tribulations of those beginning teenage years far too time consuming to think much about how we could assist our community other than donating those beloved treasures we sewed in Home-Ec to the local Goodwill.

Well, obviously it’s been years since most of us attended middle school, (hello Floppy discs!) but it’s refreshing to see that nowadays Teacher Dobson expects more out of her kids.

Ms. Megan Dobson is the Spanish teacher at Athey Creek Middle School and her day is chalked full as she teaches roughly 130 kids the grammatical difference between ser and estar and just how irregular the verb poder can be in the subjunctive.  Megan is also on the Levé board and serves as the Events chair running everything from the auction to our venue.  Tired yet?  No…she’s only getting started.

Megan decided to get creative in the kitchen and merged her work with Levé and her work as a teacher.  She proposed and was granted by the Athey Creek School Board a class dubbed Community Engagement or as she put it “LiftTeen.”  It’s centered around the belief that kids care and can play a pivotal role in the education and continuation of community service.  Throughout the semester her teens engaged in a bevy of activities which included: volunteering at over 5 local non-profits, preparing and presenting proposals, engaging in mini tutorials with non-profit professionals (hey, grant writing can be fun!), collecting over 2.500 books to be donated toChildren’s Book Bank, and raising an unbelievable $2,000 at their talent show.  They also blogged about the entire experience so please check out their undoubtedly inspiring entires here!

Ms. Dobson graciously invited all of us Levé ladies to contribute to her class and we had a blast whether is was chaperoning them at the Oregon Humane Society or teaching them how to deliver a solid PowerPoint presentation to a group of potential donors…regardless, it was refreshing to see a group of kids striving to make a difference.

*Thank you to: MacKenzie, Gus, Elise, McKenna, Ty, Jordyn, Kaelee, Logan, Maddie, Taylor, Hanna, Jake, Jessica, Tyler, Nick, Christian, Hannah, Nikko, Megan, Sammy, Derek, Sara and John.   We commend you for showing such unwavering commitment and we hope you continue your roles as community ambassadors.

*Thank you also to Megan Dobson for taking a path far less traveled.