Boom goes the Dynamite!

Posted on February 16th, 2011 in Uncategorized We are so pleased to announce additions/changes to the Leve board!!! Please join us in jumping as high as Saleh from “The Air Up There” because we are THAT excited about our newest members. (Jimmy Dolan high five for vertical distance)

Britney Renner and Lindsay Ford will be joining our Events committee. These ladies are the complete package, probably the nicest most sincere women you will ever meet… we feel incredibly lucky they wanted to take on a larger role in Leve. Professionally Britney works for Nike planning all their wonderful events, while Lindsay works for Corporate Rentals and Destination Services. They have already dove into the world of Leve and are making such an impact….we cannot wait to spend the rest of the year with them!

Our president has a new sidekick!!! Just like every Lewis needs their Clark, every Hall has an Oats, every Mac must have their Cheese…..we have a new VP!  Kiernan Doherty’s right hand lady is  the amazing Megan Dobson! Megan was the chair for the Events Committee last year and is brining her skills/pizzazz to the Vice Presidency role. Round of LOUD applause please!

Kendall Murphy will stay on as our Development Chair and June Yoshida, Courtney Mersereau, Caitlin Smethurst and Courtney Francis will round out her crew. Hilary Colton is filling Megan Dobson’s shoes as our Events Chair, Maddie O’Neill, Lindsay Wallace, Britney Renner and Megan Dobson will be assisting her. Anne Lawrence & Lisa Wynn will co-chair the Marketing Committee with members Maddie Thies and Kiernan Doherty to help out. Finally Courtney Francis will be taking on the exec role of Treasurer with Maddie O’Neill continuing on as our fantastic Secretary.

Wooohhhheeee!!! We are going to have a truckload of fun this year! Currently we are in the process of selecting our 2011 non-profit partner… stay tuned!!