Day In the Life

Posted on April 21st, 2010 Coming straight at ya is our second “Day In The Life” series.  It’s none other than the glue that keeps us all in check….Presidente Kiernan Doherty!  Professionally Kiernan is the Communication Director for Metropolitan Group a full-service social change agency  located in the heat of Downtown Portland.  She’s been with Levé almost since it’s inception…last year serving as Vice President and co-chair of the Marketing team….but don’t go asking me to describe Kiernan…her character has so many layers that inevitably this blog would just run out of room.  But, it must be said that Kiernan is that lovely combination of poise and personality with a dash of some’in strong and we all look up to her with complete admiration.  On with it Kiernan!


by Kiernan Doherty

That’s it!  Thanks for the opportunity to talk about myself for so long:)