Posted on March 25th, 2010 Da-dadda-da-da-dadda-da!!!!  (fireworks emploding…sparklers a dazzling… trombones a playing…people jigging…okay enough…enough)


Levé gives a huge welcome to….

Children’s Cancer Association

I mean what an INCREDIBLE organization, we are thrilled to partner with them.  Just to give you the smallest slice of background, CCA was founded by the force that is Regina Ellis…in her own words “CCA is the voice of experience, compassion and hope for families whose needs extend beyond medical treatment. CCA was established in loving memory of five-year-old Alexandra Ellis who courageously fought cancer for two and a half years before she died on May 7, 1995. In the year of Alexandra’s death, CCA was born.”

Take a moment to check out their website and don’t forget to sign up for their e-newsletter.

Our board is off to meet with Regina and Jennifer O’Bryan this week…we can’t wait to soak up some more CCA!

*Thank you to all who applied this year…it has been a grand time getting to know each and every one of you and wish you health, happiness and success this year and all the years to come.