Meet Levé… Again

We hope by now you’ve heard about our 2013 plans in celebration of Levé’s 10th anniversary. Many of you have donated in the past or attended a Charity Ball. For some, this might be the first time checking out our organization. Either way, let us quickly reintroduce ourselves. Consider it a speed date without the hassle of nametags.

  • Levé is comprised of approximately 25 professional young women who live in the Portland area, all of whom work on a volunteer basis.
  • The inaugural Charity Ball was held during our holiday break from college in 2004, and we raised approximately $4,000 for the nonprofit organization p:ear.
  • Supporters of Levé have driven our success. During 2012, more than 800 people attended Charity Ball, a stark contrast to  the 50 guests who partied for a purpose in 2004.
  • Each year we have increased and met our fundraising goals, and to date we have infused more than $280,000 into the community.
  • Behind tremendous support from the community, we were the 2012 recipients of the WVDO’s Crystal Award and named Outstanding Volunteer Program by the Oregon Governor’s Volunteer Awards.
  • We believe in fostering collaboration among nonprofits, and will hold our first combined social with our past nonprofit partners in April.
  • We love giving back to our community! Because of this strong belief, embedding the culture of philanthropy into our peer network is a huge component of our mission.

We can’t emphasize that last point enough. This year we’re hoping to ignite a philanthropic movement among younger generations, and we want you along for the journey. Please join us this year — maybe we can convince to you turn your interest into a long-term partnership.

Are you still curious about our organization? Need more a detailed history? Read all about Levé and our nine nonprofit partners on our webpage.