Retreat to Move Forward

Posted on February 11th, 2010 Ever been to one of those corporate company retreats where you spend the entire weekend delving into the meaning of synergy whilst doing “trust falls”  and interactive breakout sessions?  Is it possible that the sweet XL logo’d sweatshirt and accompanying fountain pen were all you took home from said retreat?  Did you even remember what the team building lego puzzle was supposed to represent?  Joking aside, we really wanted our first Levé retreat to be meaningful, productive, and let’s face it…fun!

So, after much planning all of us headed west on February 5th to the lovely and surprisingly clear coast to take aim at our aspirations for this year and years to come….and yes, we returned with much more than fountain pen memorabilia.

The weekend was an overwhelming success to say the least.  We began the process of picking this year’s beneficiary, got comfortable in our new board positions as well as set forth a strategic plan that is ambitious in all the right places.  We also got a chance to critically evaluate our event, our roles in Levé, our committees, our future as well as our impact on the community.  With 14 board members we grounded out a pretty solid outline of expectations and fueled some incredible energy towards areas of improvement.  We hope to be announcing our beneficiary in March so stay tuned for a blog recounting what it all takes to make that down right tough decision!

For now….enjoy some snapshots of the weekend.

FDR once famously said, “There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”  With 14 pairs of legs standing still is really not an option.