The Charity Ball You Can’t Miss

Pull out your smartphone and open your calendar, because this is the date you’ve been waiting for. Type it in: Levé will be holding its 10th annual Charity Ball on December 6, and we expect it to be the largest and most successful event in our history! The Charity Ball will be held at Leftbank Annex, the site of last year’s event that benefited “I Have a Dream” Oregon (IHAD). With the support of approximately 800 people last December, Levé raised more than $65,000 for IHAD at the sold-out event.

Charity Ball 2012 1

Wait — how can this year’s Charity Ball top 2012?

We asked ourselves the same question. That’s why Levé’s 2013 event will benefit nine nonprofit partners this year instead of one. So the more fun you have, the more you’re benefiting your community. Plus, all the planning ideas streaming out of the Levé events committee has us downright giddy.

When can I buy tickets to this über-exciting event?

Some people say good things come to those who wait. We say wait until tickets go on sale, but wait no longer than that. Last year’s Charity Ball sold out and we anticipate a repeat performance this year. You can stay updated on ticket sale news by following our blog or Facebook page, or by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

So you have the date, now hit “save” on that calendar entry. We’ll keep you posted on the rest of the exciting details as they emerge.

Find out more about Levé and its nonprofit partners.