Advisory Council

Meet Our Newest Addition

Emily Becker

Emily Becker had us at hello.

Presenting alongside her “I Have a Dream” Oregon (IHAD) colleagues, Becker stood in front of Levé’s board of directors during early 2012, requesting our financial support for their nonprofit. Realizing we had a significant opportunity to help underprivileged children in the community, our board selected IHAD as Levé’s 2012 nonprofit partner.

This year we couldn’t bear to let our partnership with Becker come to a close.

Becker was added to Levé’s advisory council in July, making her the newest addition to our organization. With a thorough background in development (she currently is the Director of Development at St. Mary’s Academy and previously was IHAD’s Vice President of Advancement), Becker has been influential in steering our 10th Anniversary campaign plans.

“Emily's guidance and commitment to Levé during our 10th Anniversary year has been instrumental in helping us reach our 2013 development goals,” says Kate Lee, co-chair of Levé’s development committee. “Her unparalleled expertise in the field, along with her keen sense of the organization's mission, has proven to be a major turning point in how Levé will continue to inspire the next generation of Portland's philanthropists,” Lee says.

Taught from a young age to give back to the community, Becker volunteered to help with Levé’s 10th Anniversary campaign after learning we would be increasing our 2013 fundraising goals to benefit nine nonprofit partners. For Becker, it has meant many sacrificed evenings to attend Levé meetings, reaching out to her network on our behalf, and behind-the-scenes strategic planning — all of which took place before Becker was an official member of Levé.

“It’s important for me to pay it forward. We have a huge opportunity to make our city a better place,” Becker says of her contribution.

Becker says she was drawn to Levé’s unique structure — which is volunteer-driven and comprised of approximately 25 young professional women — as well as our focus on inspiring younger generations to give back to their communities.

“I’m not sure philanthropy has captured the 20- and 30-year olds. Figuring out how to reach them is a challenge,” Becker says.

With Becker’s guidance, Levé hopes to change that trend.

Find out more about Levé, or join us in our 10th Anniversary campaign by making a contribution today.