Looking Beyond a Partnership Year: Brews for New Avenues 2016

Looking Beyond a Partnership Year: Brews for New Avenues 2016

When a partnership year comes to a close between Levé and a non-profit, that doesn't mean that the relationship and support ends. Levé members stay involved with organizations long after the partnership year. Our 2015 partner, New Avenues for Youth, already has witnessed how its relationship with Levé is far from over. In late August, a group of Levé Ladies attended and volunteered at “Brews for New Avenues,” the annual brew festival style fundraiser hosted at Left Bank Annex.

5 Things We Learned at Brews for New Avenues

What do you get when you mix beer and philanthropy? Portland’s premier rare beer event, Brews for New Avenues! Beer lovers of all kinds - from aficionados to novices - met up at Leftbank Annex this past Saturday, Sept. 12, to taste and bid on rare brews, connect with fellow beer-mongers, and support the work of New Avenues for Youth by raising a whopping $58,000 to directly make a difference in the lives of homeless youth.

Many Levé ladies were honored to volunteer at and attend the event (check out all the fun in our Facebook album), and here are the top 5 things we learned:

1) Pouring Beer is an Art: there's more to it than the good ol' days of red solo cups and kegs; we gained a lot more respect for bartenders and loved learning how to pour beer like a pro.

2) Wine Glasses Are Great for Beer: drink beer out of your wine glasses so you can really enjoy the aroma as you sip, giving you a full flavor immersion - now that's our kind of multi-tasking.

3) Volunteering is Really (Really) Fun: to be honest, we learn this every time we volunteer, but it's always nice to be reminded just how fun (not to mention rewarding) giving back really is.

4) The NAFY Ambassador Board is Rad: we already knew they were an awesome group, but we got to learn firsthand just how determined their team is to drive real change for New Avenues for Youth.

5) Portlanders Love the NAFY Mission: the best part of the evening was looking around to see everyone enjoying beer and conversations all in the name of helping end youth homelessness!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over our 12 years of connecting the younger demographic with Portland’s nonprofit world, it’s that people find inspiration and connection with all different kinds of missions. The common thread is the passion of each organization we partner with. When a nonprofit is unabashedly, wholeheartedly, and utterly passionate about their mission - it’s magnetic.

Don’t miss next year’s Brews for New Avenues event; it’s sure to be even bigger and better in 2016 - follow New Avenues for Youth on Facebook to stay up-to-date!