Meet Our Members: Lauren Post

Levé has been making an impact in the Portland community for more than 11 years now. After a decade of nonprofit partnerships, we wanted to take a moment and share what Levé has done for our own members. In this series you’ll hear from our hardworking board members, past and present, and learn how Levé has impacted their lives. Below is our fourth of the series, introducing Levé board member Lauren Post.

Lauren Post has been a part of Levé for a year and a half. She currently sits on the Marketing and Communications committee serving as chairperson. When asked, “what has Levé done for you?” Lauren’s immediate response always highlights the friendships she has gained by being a part of the organization.

It’s easy to assume that friendships would be a benefit of joining Levé, but Lauren’s story differs a bit from her Levé counterparts who are native to Portland. Having grown up in the State of Texas most of her life, Lauren moved to Portland with her boyfriend and a work-from-home job almost 2 years ago.

A great opportunity in the beautiful Pacific Northwest was something to be desired; except for the lack of people connections that comes with working from your living room. “I was excited to move to a new city but terrified by the fact that I didn’t have a workplace to initially meet people.”

After settling in, Lauren attempted to establish a consistent volunteer opportunity, but came up short. “I work for a non-profit, so I’m always looking to volunteer or get involved in the non-profit scene. I also thought it’d be a great way to meet friends.” Lauren works for the national education non-profit, City Year.

As luck would have it, Lauren was connected to fellow board member, Colleen Van Zante, which, in turn, got her an introduction to Levé. She jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

Leve, from the start, provided Lauren the opportunity to meet intelligent and funny women who are

driven to serve their local community. She loved the mission and Leve’s unique model to support the Portland area non-profits. “Levé was a natural fit for my career goals,” says Lauren, “I don’t get as much community engagement as I

would like with my remote position. Levé gives me the consistent volunteer opportunity I was searching for when I first moved to the area. Additionally, it broadens my knowledge of Portland’s needs and the non-profit landscape. I’m passionate about education, but I enjoy that each year with Levé brings on a new area of interest for me.”

Lauren also credits her work with Levé as an opportunity to stretch her skill set beyond her comfort zone. Marketing isn’t in Lauren’s background, but she enjoys collaborating with her fellow committee members to get the job done. “With every meeting comes an opportunity for us all to teach and learn from one another. So many diverse experiences from our Levé members means we’re never short on ideas and problem solving techniques to do our work well.”

Armed with a network of new friends and a connection to Portland’s non-profits, Lauren continues to be excited by Levé and the work of its non-profit partners.