Meet Our Members: Lindsay Ford

Levé has been making an impact in the Portland community for more than 11 years now. After a decade of nonprofit partnerships, we wanted to take a moment and share what Levé has done for our own members. In this series you’ll hear from our hardworking board members, past and present, and learn how Levé has impacted their lives. Below is our third of the series, introducing Levé board member Lindsay Ford.

Growing up in Portland and coming back to live here again as an adult, it is easy for me to “toot Portland’s horn” about all the fantastic attributes that make it a unique city to live in. Portland keeps us on our feet and we are always learning new things about our own city as it grows and changes, much the same way we do about ourselves as we get older. When my husband and I decided to put down roots to build our family here, we also wanted to find new ways to get involved and discover our own passions – both as individuals and as a couple. Levé is an organization I had heard about through a best friend; to her this organization was not only a way to contribute towards making our great city a better place to live in but also having fun while doing it! I began volunteering a few years back, took a year off to grow professionally and then couldn’t stay away … so I came back again last year and now serve as the secretary.

The ladies I have met through this organization have inspired me to be a better person for our community, in my job and also as a friend. There are networks you get entwined with growing up in our big/little city, and the opportunity to meet new people can sometimes seem scarce. Levé has allowed me to reconnect with friends from the past while meeting a fabulous new group of young gals who share the same values as myself. Most of all, the biggest reward for giving time to Levé is the reminder that you can help to contribute to your community – whatever capacity you have big or small, all efforts are valued equally. We have a three-month old daughter now and time is very limited, but Levé continues to allow me to find new ways to contribute despite my own changing schedule. I am grateful to have the opportunity to “toot Levé’s horn” – to all the wonderful women I have met and the organizations that have taught me something new, thank you!