An Afternoon at Bradley Angle

After spending so much time socializing and volunteering with Bradley Angle at their many Spring events, we decided to take an afternoon at Bradley Angle’s Resource Center to explore the services Bradley Angle provides.

Bradley Angle, the sixth domestic violence shelter in the nation, offers inclusive services and annually reaches 800 child and adult survivors of domestic violence. Bradley Angle’s Rebecca Alexander walked us through the center to explain the primary services provided by our non-profit partner within the narrow halls and two stories of their building. Economic Empowerment: Each year, this group helps 250 individuals through a variety of programs. Participants receive job counseling, assistance with financial goal setting, or take part in a variety of 6 week-long workshops. This financial program is the only of its kind in Oregon and is making a huge impact on all members of the Bradley Angle community.

Youth and Family Services: Children are also survivors of domestic violence; in Multnomah county alone, 33% of intimate partner physical assaults were witnessed by children. Bradley Angle is sure to integrate children with the services they provide. Activities are constantly planned and often times mimic the sessions their adult counterparts are attending. A separate children’s room in the heart of the resource center serves as a comfortable place for kids while their family is visiting the center.

Housing Assistance: 48% of domestic violence survivors remain in an abusive relationship because they don’t have a safe, affordable place to live. In an effort to change this statistic, Bradley Angle has a private Safe House where survivors can find temporary refuge. Unfortunately, due to the ever increasing rents across the city, finding permanent housing is more challenging than ever before. Thankfully, there is a fierce team of Bradley Angle housing advocates who help survivors search for safe and affordable shelter. From temporary to permanent housing, the team fights to counter the current housing crisis in Portland in order to aid survivors while beginning their new lives.

Healing Roots Program: This program provides culturally specific and responsive services for Black and African American survivors of domestic violence. The group helps its participant with one-on-one advocacy and support, culturally specific and topic based support groups, and family support to help survivors and their children heal together. There is also an element of connection with the local community to help survivors utilize local resources to move forward.

LGBTQ: Another service which is unique to Bradley Angle statewide, is its trans and queer-inclusive space and services. While rates of domestic violence are the same for same-sex vs. opposite-sex relationships, a shocking 1 in 2 transgender people experience domestic violence. Bradley Angle identified the huge need to provide services to this community, and created a program which includes individual advocacy, safety planning, housing and basic needs assistance, support groups, and skills classes to re-empower individuals in their relationships and lives.

The amount of services that come out of the NE Portland resource center blows us away! Bradley Angle receives a lot of support from the community, and for good reason. Recently, the housing advocates were able to find homes for 30 families within 6 short weeks! Anyone who has recently moved to Portland knows that this was definitely no easy feat. With a solid commitment to the welfare of domestic violence survivors across the city, Bradley Angle is making a major impact on the lives of everyone who passes through it’s doors.