Join Us at Incight's Homecoming Gala

Homecoming kings and queens, pull out your old shapeless, off-the-hanger suits and dust off your rhinestone tiaras. Athletes, squeeze back into those old uniforms.* Everyone, grab your letterman jackets, borrow a battered old car, pump up the stereo, and get on down to Incight’s Homecoming Gala at the Portland Art Museum on Oct. 4.

We at Levé are certainly excited for it. While its theme might be a trip down memory lane, the event won’t be anything like high school dances: the food will be delicious, and the wine and cocktails will be luxurious. And of course the Portland Art Museum’s ever-lovely ballroom wins hands down against any high school auditorium or gymnasium. No sagging helium balloons here! (Although we wouldn’t say no to an awesome retro dance party.)

But the main reason we’re excited about Incight’s Homecoming gala is because it gives us all—Incight’s community—the chance to come together to celebrate and support a wonderful organization. As many of you know, Incight is Levé’s 2014 nonprofit partner, and we think they’re just fabulous. For 10 years, the good folks at Incight have, with a small staff and a tiny budget, been transforming the lives of Oregonians with disabilities. They run job fairs and internship programs. They run corporate trainings and awareness-raising events. They distribute college scholarships. They run college tours and provide student mentorship. They help people find financial and residential autonomy. With their support of handcycling and e-hockey leagues, they help people who may have never played sports before to know the competitiveness, the teamwork, and the adrenaline of high-octane recreation. They connect people to the adaptive technologies they need. They connect people to each other. In short, Incight does it all.

So we hope you’ll join us at Incight’s gala on Oct. 4. Let’s go all-out on our attire, and all-in for a great cause. Details are here. If you’d like to volunteer at the event, please contact See you all there!

*Unless the spandex has gone transpar