Meet our Members: Nora Sheils

Levé has been making an impact in the Portland community for more than 11 years now. After a decade of nonprofit partnerships, we wanted to take a moment and share what Levé has done for our own members. In this series you’ll hear from our hardworking board members, past and present, and learn how Levé has impacted their lives. Below is our second of the series, introducing Levé board member Nora Sheils.

Nora Sheils has been a part of Levé since 2012.  After volunteering her time at several non-profits in the Portland area, she was excited to discover Levé through former president, Maddie Andrews. Nora recalls her first committee meeting as “something special.” "I was so warmly greeted and felt an instant connection with the whole team,” says Nora, “there was an electric excitement in the air. It was, and still is, contagious."

The personal connections have been a major perk for Nora.  "I've had the opportunity to work with like-minded professional women who really care about making a difference.  It is a pretty special thing where a group of women from all walks of life can come together and not only do something positive, but also become good friends.” As Nora talks about her experiences with Levé, it becomes clear that the women all have a great time when they are together. “Levé is made up of some really wonderful women and having the opportunity to get together on a regular basis for volunteer opportunities is always exciting.”  A recent volunteer day that stuck out to Nora was at Portland International Raceway assisting with Incight's hand cycling event.  "What a thrill to see how Leve's partner had such a direct impact on the community. It was a beautiful day, everyone involved had big smiles on their faces and we had the opportunity to meet some world renowned athletes.

Serving on Levé’s events committee has not only impacted Nora’s personal life, but also her professional life with an improved skill set and an abundance of referrals. Nora owns the area's top wedding planning firm, Bridal Bliss.  "It is such a huge compliment to receive an inquiry from couples who come through a personal referral.  Bridal Bliss has also had the opportunity to broaden our client base and host events for several local non-profits.”

At the end of the day, it’s making a difference and having fun that keeps Nora as an active member. "I love my time working with Levé - it is truly an honor."