Looking Beyond a Partnership Year: Brews for New Avenues 2016

When a partnership year comes to a close between Levé and a non-profit, that doesn't mean that the relationship and support ends. Levé members stay involved with organizations long after the partnership year. Our 2015 partner, New Avenues for Youth, already has witnessed how its relationship with Levé is far from over. In late August, a group of Levé Ladies attended and volunteered at “Brews for New Avenues,” the annual brew festival style fundraiser hosted at Left Bank Annex.

For those who don’t already know, New Avenues for Youth works to help homeless, at risk, and foster youth to overcome their barriers and realize their potential while enabling them avoid or exit street life. The services provided from this non-profit range from basic needs and safety to education and career assistance. We loved spending last year working to lift New Avenues for Youth to reach new heights. Collectively, our favorite volunteer opportunity with New Avenues was helping at New Brews for Avenues and many of us jumped at the opportunity to help out again.

Brews for New Avenues is an awesome spin on a classic brew festival. What’s unique about this event versus the many other beer events in Portland is that the beers available are all very unique and generally are not what you would order off a menu. Attendees can sample a huge variety of beers from Portland, other states, and even from around the world. Also, there’s a rare beer live auction, where the biggest beer aficionados can comfortably invest in bottles of wild beers knowing the money they spend goes back into their community.  Or, for those less particular in what they like, attendees can randomly select a bottle from the ‘1,000 bottles of beer’ wall, for a lower price. The event is completed with live music and food provided by some of Portland’s best food carts.

Intermingled with the other volunteers and attendees, you could find Levé girls participating in countless ways. From pouring beer samples to checking in guests, “I ‘heart’ Levé” pins could be seen during the entire event. Throughout the evening, a table near the music was full of Levé members along with their significant others and friends who were all supporting a great cause in our wonderful community. As members of Levé, we look forward to hear what our past partners are doing and to lend a hand whenever possible. When we become partners with an organization, we become lifetime partners; this is what we look forward to most at Levé.