One part unconventional nonprofit & one part inclusive sisterhood

We consume over 10 hours of media every day. It can be difficult to cull through it all to determine what matters. That’s why we take our responsibility as (unofficial) community advisers so seriously at Levé. Since 2004, our volunteer board of young professional women have vetted hundreds of applications from local nonprofits, narrowing it down to one partner each year. Our unique process connects our supporters with diverse causes and trusted organizations every year, concluding with an unconventional fundraiser that is designed for high impact and lots of fun.

Levé membership has also evolved into a “training ground” for young philanthropists. Comprised of some of Portland’s most driven and gracious women, Levé provides an opportunity to cultivate not only nonprofit endeavors, but also significant professional and personal growth. It’s not uncommon for members to get new jobs, learn new skills, or even change careers entirely based on a connection they make. Perhaps best of all, is the sisterhood and friendship we share. Together, our goal is to inspire and mobilize the next generation of givers in Portland and beyond.

BOARD of directors

An inclusive sisterhood of women devoted to inspiring the next generation of givers

Without any paid employees, our volunteer Board of Directors is our secret sauce. Along with our committee members, our Board runs the show--from strategic overview to tactical execution. Our board capacity is fifteen and all members also serve on one of the committees below.


Executive Committee

The women behind the curtain making sure we crush our goals and move our mission forward

The Levé Executive Committee (Exec) is comprised of the President, Vice President, Finance Chair, Secretary, Committee Chairs, and Immediate Past President. The President chairs the committee, which provides general oversight and leadership to the full board. Exec meets regularly and responds to inquiries and situations as they arise and in between full board meetings. In addition to providing day-to-day leadership, this committee makes recommendations to the board regarding policy, strategic direction, and financial matters, striving to continually improve upon the delivery of the Levé mission.


Marketing & Communications Committee

Creatives, writers, brand police, website gurus, and usually the first ones to happy hour

The goal of the Marketing & Communications (Marcom) Committee is ultimately to grow our membership, volunteer, and donor base. They also exist to drive interest in our events and raise awareness for Levé and our nonprofit partners. This committee aims to build and maintain the integrity of Levé’s brand by driving and overseeing all of our internal and external communication needs including messaging, PR, social media, email campaigns, website, collateral, and more. The ladies of Marcom help our organization represent Levé effectively and authentically in all communications. If it’s out there for public consumption, you can bet they had their hands on it.


Events Committee

Problem solvers, organizational masters, and the magical unicorns who make Charity Ball possible

The Events Committee has their own slogan: Live, Love, Organize. They exist to drive the planning of events by overseeing all logistical aspects, including working closely with venue, entertainment contacts, and committees chairs. The Events team acts as the onsite, day-of-event points of contact. This is where the magic happens. They also manage the raffle and silent auction, which is every bit as unique as Levé itself. Don't expect just any old auction at Charity Ball; the team scours the city looking for incredible items from local Portland favorites. 


COmmunity Relations Committee

Fundraisers, innovators, elevator pitch-ers, and always up for a good ice-breaker activity.

The Community Relations (CoRe) Committee provides the board with a strategic fundraising plan so that we can collectively reach Levé’s annual fundraising goals. This committee seeks donations through individual and corporate support, grant funding and in-kind donations for our silent auction and drawing, and Charity Ball ticket sales. The ladies of CoRe are more than fundraisers, they build relationships in hopes that our story and those of our partners excites the community in the same way it does us. 


Advisory Council

Past members are our best mentors (also a support group for others with Levé withdrawals)

It's hard to say goodbye to Levé. That's why the Advisory Council (AC) was created. It is comprised of previous Levé board members that continue to have a commitment to supporting our mission. As Levé grows and evolves, the AC plays a key role in ensuring we always adhere to our core values. The AC also helps with high-level strategic direction of our organization by sharing tribal knowledge, past connections, and historical information. Ultimately, AC members serve as some of our most treasured community ambassadors.

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