Anna Kurnizki

What sounds do you love?

My mom playing the piano. My breathing rhythm when I’m running. A cat purring in my ear.

Who is your hero?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of my political heroes. Wonder Woman is my superhero hero :-)

What is your present state of mind?

Relaxed and focused, since I’m just finishing up work after a long busy day. I love my job (Development Director at my favorite nonprofit, Community Warehouse), so even after a long day I can feel rejuvenated!

What is your secret ambition?

To race giant slalom (skiing) in the Olympics, to start my own card-making company, and to teach a Sociology of Doodling class at a liberal arts college.

What I do…

I am the Development Director at Community Warehouse, the only nonprofit furniture bank in the greater Portland area. I run our fundraising events, manage our grant program, individual giving program, and coordinate all other fundraising activities. I’m extremely fortunate and happy to work for Community Warehouse. It’s the happiest place on earth (sorry Disneyland) and the best Development job ever! I also play volleyball at least twice a week and volunteer for a mentoring program called Family of Friends.

About Anna

Member Since: 2016

Role: Committee Member

Committee: Development

Favorite Quote:

Bravery is the solution to regret.