Lida Wells

What is your present state of mind?

Do more of what you love and forget the rest.

What musician would you most like to see perform in your living room?

Cher, and I’d also ask her to bring her wardrobe to share and let me sing a duet.

What is your secret ambition?

To run a lakeside retreat in upstate New York.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A tiger trainer.

What I do…

I am a Customer Success Manager at a local craft beverage software company, Orchestra Software. I work with breweries and distilleries to be sure they’re happy with our product and work on engagement projects. After getting my start in finance and customer service, my new industry is a breath of fresh air.

I was drawn to Levé as a transplant to Portland and was seeking connection to my new community and to hopefully make some new friends. This organization has helped me find both, and I’m proud to be part of a group that’s truly living the #DOMOREGOOD initiative.



About Lida

Member Since: 2016

Role: MarComm Co-Chair, Engagement Chair, & Board Member

Committee: Marketing and Communications

Favorite Quote:

Take the world for a spin, don’t let the world spin you.