Nell Loomis

What sounds do you love?

My corgi Rosie’s high pitched yawn in the morning and loud wind before a storm.

Where is your dream travel destination?

Argentina to go bungy jumping out of a helicopter over a volcano with live lava

Its 9pm on a Saturday in Portland. Where might we find you?

Ideally on my couch, but most likely North 45.

Other interesting facts we should know about you?

A few random facts.. I went to internationals with my figure skating team for the US when I was 14. I love heights.  I am a huge MN Vikings Fan.  I love wakeboarding and being outdoors…and I feel very lucky for having stumbled upon Portland ☺

What I do…

Before Levé, I was involved in a number of other non-profits including Oregon Active and Focus on Youth, and now consider this is my chance to put all of my energy and efforts towards one amazing organization.

I was born and raised in Minnesota with my 3 siblings.  The majority of my youth was either spent at a stable or on the ice rink.  After a young life trip to British Columbia in high school I discovered how beautiful the northwest was and came out here for college.  I graduated from the University of Oregon with a double major in Business and Spanish.  After college I moved up to Portland, took a job as a project manager at a marketing agency and fell in love with this amazing city.


About Nell

Member Since: 2011

Role: Advisory Council Member