Our mission is to inspire the next generation of givers. Because when we give back we are better citizens, colleagues, parents & friends.

WE'RE Rethinking Philanthropy

We lift the Portland area by connecting local nonprofits to a new generation of advocates, who trust us to curate relevant causes to support year after year. At some point, one (or two or three) will “stick.” One of our supporters will identify with the new mission and hold on to it, becoming an advocate for our nonprofit partner. Our value lies in our efforts to support and lift the great work already happening in our community; instead of competing we're complementing.



We're aiming to inspire and empower young women in our community to rise up and get involved; to lead the conversation around millennial philanthropy. Levé continues to challenge members to new heights, while creating a rare and fulfilling bond. We lift up our members by motivating one another, challenging ourselves, and embracing each other exactly as we are. We're an inclusive sisterhood who loves doing good and having fun.



We're on a mission to inspire charitable habits in our generation—it's called the #DoMoreGood movement. It's not about donating thousands of dollars or even volunteering hundreds of hours. It's about thinking of others first. It's about spreading love and choosing gratitude. It's about doing more good; whether it's holding the door for your neighbor with too many grocery bags or standing up for a stranger being bullied or picking up a piece of trash on the street.  



A Brief History

Back in 2004, a group of young Portland women decided to throw a holiday party and collect a few dollars from everyone so that they could make a donation to a local nonprofit. It was a hit. They struck a chord with friends and family who shared their desire to give back and have fun without the high price tags and stuffy crowds that often come with traditional charity events. Thus, Levé and Charity Ball were born. 

Flash forward more than a decade later and Levé (from the French word lever, which means "to lift") is Portland’s leader in millennial philanthropy. Still 100% volunteer-run, the organization is now made up of 38 young, professional women who pledge their time, talent, and treasure throughout the year to a single nonprofit partner. 


We rise by lifting others
— Robert Ingersoll