Choosing An Annual Nonprofit Partner

We do not take the responsibility of this choice lightly and we respect every nonprofit in our community for doing the hard work. We intentionally keep our selection criteria fairly open, particularly because we know how hard it is to obtain unrestricted funds. Here are the qualities we look for in a nonprofit partner:

  • 501(c)3 nonprofit status

  • Located in and serving the Portland Metro area

  • Ability for Levé to make a significant impact through our financial contribution

  • Volunteer opportunities for our members and supporters on evenings and weekends

  • Ability to provide volunteers at Charity Ball and other fundraising events

  • Willingness to promote our events via your marketing channels (social media, email, etc.)

  • Willingness to collaborate on donor relations

  • Can provide a primary point of contact

  • Desire to connect with younger donors

  • Employs sustainable practices

  • Has not already been a Levé nonprofit partner

Each year we try to select a nonprofit partner that serves a different type of need in our community (check out our past partners here). We do this because we want to consistently educate our networks and event-goers about the many needs of our community. Our hope is that, by doing so, one organization will resonate with what each of our peers already values and activate them to become lifelong supporters. If you have applied in the past but have not been chosen, please feel free to apply again! Many of our past partners applied two or more times before being chosen.

We post our partner application form online around January 1st each year and we accept applications for approximately one month. The extensive application review process takes place during February. We invite four finalists to present to our board and announce a final decision in March.

ready to tap into millennial philanthropy with us?

We have made our 2019 nonprofit partner selection, Cascade Aids Project, and our application is closed for the year. Next year’s application will open January 1, 2020. Signup for our newsletter to get reminders and stay up to date on our events and other happenings.