We believe that standing for something is contagious and that giving back is fun. 



Donations of all sizes are more valuable than you may know. We have historically raised much of our funds through personal donations versus large sponsorships—a fact we are incredibly proud of. Levé is 100% volunteer-run and all proceeds go directly to our nonprofit partners.

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Most of us want to make a difference but it can be hard to figure out where to start. We're aiming to simplify. One of the tenets of our organization is direct service with our nonprofit partners, so we always have volunteer spots to help fill. Did we mention giving back is also super fun?

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We are reclaiming “sisterhood” as a word of power and inclusivity. We are a group of game-changing volunteers, lady-bosses, philanthropy nerds, and overall fierce females. Does this sound like you or someone you know? We'd love to sit down for coffee (or happy hour) to discuss your goals.

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Sponsorship dollars go almost exclusively to our annual nonprofit partner. So, why give to us instead of directly to the nonprofit? You're helping expose a new generation of givers to a new cause each year. We act as your nonprofit curator so that you can impact our community in new ways each year. 

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The #DoMoreGood Movement

We're on a mission to inspire charitable habits in our generation. It's not about donating thousands of dollars or even volunteering hundreds of hours. It's about thinking of others first. It's about spreading love and choosing gratitude. It's about doing more good--whether it's holding the door for your neighbor with too many grocery bags or standing up for a stranger being bullied.